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Ampudia Veterinary Clinic

Clínica Veterinaria Ampudia in Santander is a renowned veterinary clinic that has provided exceptional care to pets since its creation on July 16, 2003. The clinic is run by veterinarian Amparo Gorostiza, who treats each pet as if it were her own.


At Clínica Veterinaria Ampudia, a wide range of services for dogs and cats is offered, including internal medicine, vaccinations, tests, deworming, and castration of male cats, among others. For surgical services such as sterilization and traumatology, and other more specific and complex tests, the Cantabria Veterinary Hospital, in Guarnizo, is used. The veterinarian is in charge of making the appointment, transports them to and from the hospital and maintains close communication about the case being referred. 

The emergency service is also attended by the Cantabria Veterinary Hospital, it is available 24/7 for urgent cases. In case of emergencies, customers can call +34 637 95 19 77, which is diverted to the hospital. 

If your case is not urgent, there is a Whatsapp messaging service to contact the veterinarian. 

One of the unique characteristics of Clínica Veterinaria Ampudia is its cooperation with Brittany Ferries for passengers with pets, deworming and sealing the pre-travel documentation required both to enter the UK and Ireland. 

 This association has made it easier for pet owners to travel with their furry friends with the peace of mind of having the process done correctly.


Clínica Veterinaria Ampudia has earned a reputation for providing high-quality care for pets in Santander. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a loyal following of satisfied customers who trust them with the health and well-being of their beloved pets.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a family vet for your dog or cat in Santander, do not hesitate, come to  Clínica Veterinaria Ampudia. With their experienced veterinarian,  referral veterinary hospital and unique partnership with Brittany Ferries, they are the perfect choice for pet owners. #ClinicaVeterinariaAmpudia #SantanderVet #PetCare #CuidadodeMascotas

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Ampudia Veterinary Clinic

Camilo Alonso Vega, 56 - bass

39005 Santander


Telephone: 942320560

Mobile: 637951977

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